Here are links to some of my resources. This page will be updated periodically.

Exam wrappers

These are a great resource to use after a summative assessment. They guide students through reviewing both their scientific knowledge and metacognitive skills. I have created a number of these over the years and you will see that they get ever more simple… I have tried to reduce any extraneous load that could be had when using them! Feel free to steal and adapt!

KS3 science:



Retrieval Roulette

There are loads of these out there. Adam Boxer has a huge range on his blog these are the ones that I have adapted for GCSE Physics. In addition to them having questions around subject knowledge, I have also included questions for working scientifically skills, general exam skills and math skills for doing conversion of units.

Curriculum Map template

This map is a first draft at trying to map our KS3 curriculum. I am sure I will adapt this over time, but for now it tried to show ways the flow of learning through each year group, and where specific skills are taught.

Evidence informed revision techniques – Student sheet

This resources was a fantastic twitter find (I think it was a History sheet originally) and I have adapted it to be more science friendly. I give this to students at the start of a year and we refer to it throughout. I use it to help build metacognitive skills because we evaluate the techniques throughout the year and learn about what the strategies are useful for and when they can be used.